Day 1..

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So its been a normal day… Woke up this morning ccing gremlins, yes the lvl 1 mobs, I don’t know for sure why but I’ve heard I was smashed last night and sorta remember drinking last night… And after that I ran around with Zeus pking Lameness and this guy Gantz that like came from the blue as a cele that does kinda hurt… After we scared those 2 out of pk we moved on to town, talking about… things not fit for public…. =p Then ! Maintenance ! 


And onto the topic for this week. What I learned from season 1… Really I read alot of what I’ve already known but I did learn alot about alot of the people I’ve seen running around armia once or twice but never took the initiative to say anything to them, So I guess it was quite the experience reading what they do in their day and what they think on certain topics.  


Updates! !!    :

Game Updates:

♦ Pegasus Essence are now available on Nell

♦ Guild Assembly, all guild leaders that will attend will receive rewards.. (September 6,2008 – 20:00~24:00 GMT)

♦ Spirit’s Seal now available on Nell

New Events:

♦ WYDian’s Journal II

Good Luck Every Else Thats Trying To Win This New Season Of….Yea…

And Finally A Item Of Interest: Spirits Seal

  Its used for transferring – selling characters to other accounts and can be boughten for 10k Wcoin or 315 Mil In Unknown Continent.

How to use:

Move all your god character’s items and armors to your storage, only gold and cape are included in the sealing process.

Then you right click the seal, You will be redirected to character select and your sealed character will be in your storage.

Your characters basic information can be seen when you mouse over the seal.

Some words of caution though, You must have a lvl 280 mortal character before you can unseal, your unsealed characters armor depends upon the type of mortal that is on your account, and if you don’t have enough space you cannot perform the seal.


On a side note 15 more pictures have been added, still not to the real funny ones but hey its something to look at from the old days =p


Some pictures…

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So I’ve added some pictures…I don’t know how many… But if you count them and lemme know then I’ll tell you thats how much pictures i’ll upload daily… Till I’m all out of em ~ I think this first batch is some truly fancy upgrading back at the old sd involving yunz….(PrOmiSe) and her secret service… But the groups that follow are as random as they get~



~ =P Enjoy ~

Sorta a odd welcome….

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Oki~ I donno how this works so I guess wingin’ it for these next few days will be some fun…

Me....Noob at the good ol' malay sd ~

I guess wyd, for me was abit of a change…going from everything i had  at sd to nothing here, there have been hours spent to revert to my former glory and finally 6 months after hours of ccing, waters, and rune quests I’m the equivalent of what I used to be at sd ^-^